ELK and IE7


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The ELK java app for the ethernet module does not work in IE7. I get runtime errors. Also, it does not work under Vista, which I assume is IE7.

Please advise if you are aware of the issue and if any resolution is in sight.

If anyone else is having the same problem or has a fix please advise.

When you upgrade its broke. Wonder who broke this.

We will look into Microsofts problem!
I believe IE7 is more strict with code syntax than 6 was. This is also why Firefox has issues with some pages.
From the ELKRP Guru:

I am aware of this. Many other Java apps are having similar problems. Supposedly, Sun is working on another Java version for Vista.
Any updates as I still cannot access using VISTA or IE7?

Is there a timeframe when we can expect this feature to work as except for one all my machines have been upgraded.

Here's another vote for Firefox...

Try it, you will never go back. If you still have Java issues download the latest from Sun...
Try a good browser with Java support (and lastest Jave update) - they should work better for the Elk and for you, as they do for a lot of people. I do perfectly with Opera, the browser that I have used for the past 4-5 years. Like Firefox, it is very good - and have the added benefit that you dont have to download (and evaluate, and sometimes get mad with) several plug-ins to get all the bells and whistles.
Any update on this? It appears that this Java App is still broke (at least for me). I am running IE version 7 and the latest Java Update (ver 1.6).

Yes, I will look into Firefox or Opera.

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Okay Firefox/Opera advocators...

Everyone has their own choice of browsers to use...

Anyway, when I try out the demo version of ElkRM software in ElkProducts.com site, it works for me, but Vista reverted the Aero Glass to Aero Basic until I close IE7.

I hope Sun gets to work in Vista Aero Glass compatibility so that I don't have to close/reopen IE7.

Mozilla (Firefox) nor Opera seem to work with the Elk Java App.

In my case, I point my bowser at the Elk IP address, it then asks for my user name and password (password and user name that I set up for the XEP module using RP). After that, the Java App STARTS TO load, but never seems to quite finish loading. I see the Java keypad on screen, but it does not contain any of my system information.

I have windows (XP Pro) firewall off. I am running the latest bootware and firmware for the XEP module. All other functionality of the XEP module seem A-OK.

Based on the above info, it doesn't seem to be a connection issue....right? What else might I be missing.
The Elk M1 Java app loads and runs fine on my PC.

M1 Firmware: 4.4.12
XEP Firmware: 1.2.8
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2
Browser: IE7
Java Runtime: 5.0 Update 2