ELK and NX-488 Glass breaks....


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I've seen some posts at Elk's site and here about the various glass breaks. I installed my first NX-488 last night. I have it set as an Interior follower and type as EOL Sup/RF. I have option 2 set in the wireless settings.

The glass break is fine until it trips, either via the tamper switch or a glass break sound. Once it trips however it stays tripped and status goes to "Violated, Forced Armed". It stays there no matter what I do. I acknowledge the alarm, arm, disarm. Heck I even reboot the panel. That zone will always stay tripped.

If I disable the zone and reprogram the sensor in a new zone... well I get one triggering out of it and then that zone stays tripped as well.

I'm using all the latest firmware. I've noticed some folks who missed the option 2 setting in wireless saw a similiar action. I've check and rechecked but I've got option 2 marked.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance or sympathy :)


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I did an operational verification on the NX-488 and it works properly. Make sure you have Option 2 checked and the tamper cover installed. It will take about 8 seconds to clear the alarm after it is triggered on the glass break.

A good way to test the glass break sensor it to take a piece of metal and hit it with a hammer or large screw driver.


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Try unchecking the force arm option in the zone definition and see if that makes any difference.