ELK and the Blind


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Ok everyone, I need your ideas. I am installing an ELK M1 Gold for a client. Their Parents are going to be living in a house in the back. Their Mother is not getting around the best any more and their Father just had a stroke and has gone Blind. I need Ideas to help them be as independent as posible and or assist.

Please help me with this, Time is important because I am starting the Prewire next week.
Set up a motion detector in the main living area or bath room area with an output timer reset from the motion detector. If no movement is sensed within the time limit make a Rule call the kids with a voice message. If they should fall and could not move around, it will alert someone. You can program variable times throughout the day and add a switch to disable the timer.

I had to put a wakeup message for my mother in the house because she would sleep walk and go outside. If the door was opened between 11PM and 6AM a message would play over the speakers to wake her up.

Get a panic button necklace and tie it into a medical zone. My mother used her panic button several times.

We can not do too much to help our parents maintain their independance and dignity.
Besides the panic button necklace I would put hardwired call buttons in strategic places by the bed, toilet, etc. Make sure there is always a way to call for help.

Will there be an intercom or phone system extension to the house?
How about a button that causes the current status of things to be spoken out loud? A quick rundown of what lights have been left on, what doors and windows are open, etc.

I have to think that caller ID announce would be useful to a blind person as well.
The panic button is a great Idea. I am already planing on setting up a keychain remote that when pressed will send a message and beep the all the keypads, cherp the siren in the main house, send an email alert to the kids along with calling there cell phones. I am also going to have the same ability on one of the F keys on the keypad.

There is going to be no intercom system nor phone system. What might be nice is to use the M1 to setup a call box from one kitchen to the other.