Elk Definiton 25 Water Alarm 24hr Issue


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This is a summary of my original post in the home security section.  I am reposting it here as this area is supposedly monitored by Elk support and they won't provide phone support to home owners.
When using Definition 25 Water Alarm 24 hr with either a NC or a NO sensor my M1 Gold works perfectly i.e. announcement, siren and rules execute as expected.  BUT when using definition 25 with an NC sensor that has an EOL resistor (only SW change was Zone Type 0 - EOL) it does not work properly - the zone trips and makes the announcement but it does not turn on the siren nor run the rule? 
Notes: 1) RP reports  7.1 VDC in ready state and 13.5 VDC in alarm state, both well within spec.
            2) As a test, using the same sensor,  I switched the definition to 08 - Burglar 24 hr and it worked perfectly. 
Is there something about Definition 25 that prevents the uses of EOL resistors?
Sorry for the cross post and thanks in advance.
 Someone gave me a great answer on my original post.  IAW a 5 year old post by an Elk rep,  this is how they designed the Water Alarm Definition - you cannot use EOL resistors on an NC sensor. Seems like a strange limitation to me, but I will switch to an Aux alarm so I can use an EOL resistor on my NC sensor.
Sorry again for cross posting.