Elk dial out

When the M1 dials out to deliver a voice message during a zone violation and the # sign is pressed as an acknowledgement on the phone, does that disable the armed state?

If it does, then I assume you would have to hang up, dial the control, wait for the beeps and re-arm the system with your off site phone, unless there is an easier re-armong method.

If the zone violation persists, can you force arm the system via phone?
When the M1 is dialing out, the in house phones will be disabled because there is only one telephone line interface. When the dial out is complete, the in house phones will work.
Thanks Spanky, but my question was if using an OFF SITE phone to acknowledge an alarm notification by the M1 DISARMS the system.

One customer reported that when she accidentally exceed edher exit time on the garage door she got a calll from the M1 on her cell phnoe on the way to work. She acknowledged the phone call by pressing the # sign to end the call. When she got home, the system was disarmed.

So when the Elk dials out with an alarm message, doyou have to call back and re-arm the system with an off site phone as explained in Appendix B of the manual?

The second question is can you force arm the system using an off site phone (i.e. cell phone)?
Acknowledging a telephone call does not disarm the control.

Remote arming will always force arm any violated zones no matter if it is set to Force Arm or not. It is better to remote arm with a temporary bypassed zone than to not arm at all.