(Elk) differences between system and RP


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Lately every time I open up RP and connect to my system it says there is a diffrence between RP and the system... (GLOBALS)

I have tried to sync both ways (from system or to system) and next time it still says there is a difference but if I view the data it does not appear to have any different value
There may be an unused bit in the M1 that is being seen by ELKRP.

Upload all the information into ELKRP from the M1.

Reinitialize the M1's EEProm memory using the keypad and Globals 45, 99.

Send all the programming information back to the M1 from ELKRP. Everything should now match up when ELKRP starts.
FWIW, you may also want to try this trick:

In ElkRP, go to Globals 1-5 screen, set the country to something other than what it is now & save. Then reset to your country and save. See if the differences goes away.

This presumes you're on 4.4.2 or later.

I recently upgraded and had the same symptom until making this "incantation".