ELK Doorbell detector

I have installed the ELK-930 (Doorbell & Telephone Ring Detector) according to the instructions, and created a rule to announce whether the front or back doorbell buttons have been pushed. For now I left the original doorbell chime, but I eventually want to remove it and use only the Elk outputs.

Here's the problem:
If someone presses the doorbell button for over a second, the chime rings and the detector detects, which cause the rule to trigger, which causes the announcement.

However, if someone presses the button quickly, the chime rings, but the the announcement never comes. The button must be pressed for a longer period to get it to work.

If I remove the chime, I am afraid I won't get the annoncement.

Anyone else seen this, and have a workaround?
Shorten the loop response time on the zone that the doorbell detector is going to.

You have two loop response settings: Slow Loop response and fast loop response times. You are probably not using the fast loop response on any zone input so change its time to say 40 milliseconds and change the zone definition to reference the fast loop reponse time. This should speed up the button push response.
I love this forum.

I assume this is a setting in ElkRP that can be changed? I set this up as non-alarm, normally open. Is all that I have to do is check the fast loop response attribute for the input zone and change the fast loop response time in the global settings?

Also, what parts do i need if I want to output a .wav file when the doorbell button is pushed?

Yes, check the Fast Loop Response Time in the zone definition and change the Fast Loop Response Time in Global Programming using the keypad or ELKRP.

There is not a way to directly load a .wav file into the M1. You can record a .wav file into one of the 10 recordable Voice slots using a house telephone. Then play the recorded voice message from a Rule.

The ELK-120 or 124 Voice Announciator has the ability to record a .wav file from a computer using the ELK-129 board. This board can be triggered from the M1 and has up to 8 minutes of record time.
Is the M1 going to support the MV480 from the rules menu so you don't have to manually generate that complex ascii string? A point and click method to choose the voice module asdress and memory location you want to trigger would be an amazing feature.
It would also be great if you could directly load .wav files into the M1 using ElkRP. Seems like that would not be that hard to implement, since it already sends other configuration settings. ElkRP could test for file size, bit rate, etc. to make sure that the wav file is compatible.
It needs 4 USB ports. 1 for hooking up laptop/computer. 1 for zwave usb stick. 1 for bluetooth or zigbee. 1 for memory stick for wave files etc.
upstatemike said:
But where would you load them to? The M1 doesn't have much space for user recorded messages.
Maybe RP could take a small WAV and translate it into one of the 10 custom voice slots......
Chakara said:
Maybe RP could take a small WAV and translate it into one of the 10 custom voice slots......
That's my point. 10 slots doesn't allow for many custom messages. I admit I don't use all 128 of the custom voice slots in my Stargate, but I use way more than 10.
3DogKnight said:
If you need more that the 10 slots, you could add on the Elk-120 or Elk-124 Recordable Voice modules

Even with the Stargate I use a 124 for situations where I need the system to be saying 2 different things in 2 different places at the same time. Example: speaking a greeting to visitors at the door while Stargate is paging through the phone system to say which door the visitor is at.