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I am using Road Runner for cable interent access. The outgoing mail server is an SMTP server is called "smtp-server.satx.rr.com".

I have the M1XEP connected to the main unit and I am able to connect to it with no issues. I have just started to dable with the e-mail notifications and I find that I am unable to send e-mails.

By looking at my mail account settings from within Outlook Express, I see that I do indeed use Port 25 (same as the Elk default). Additionally my connection with the M1XEP is via an IP address assigned using DHCP.

When usomg the DHCP settings, the DNS loop up address boxes are grayed out. Is my problem that without a DNS lookup, I am unable to resolve " smtp-server.satx.rr.com" into an IP address? Other ideas? Does anyone elses Elk e-mail work?

Sure enough, when I replaced "smtp-server.satx.rr.com" with the resolved IP address of "" my e-mails cane right through!! So, if you use a dynamically assigned IP (as most people do), your MUST use the IP address of the SMPT server, NOT the URL of it.

I would guess other people my have had this issue. hope this helps someone else!!!

I had the same problem with my RR smtp server, and had to use the IP address as well. I don't remember if this was before the latest XEP firmware upgrade or after (they fixed some DNS issues in the latest firmware).
Elk is still working on some email authentication schemes that have been found by some customers. Hope to have them included in the next M1XEP upgrade.
I just tried doing this to see if it would allow me to send e-mail. (Using the SMTP server IP address instead of the DNS address (smtp.everyone.net)) Unfortunately it did not.

My service requires login and password, which I note from postings seems to be related to many of the send-mail problems with the M1XEP.

I have tried several things to try get email working without success. My ISP does not do authentication. So I'll try this other one.

There are many posts about this in Elk forum.
Glad to help Elcano.

Yeah, I read the thread on the Elk website forum first. After hearing about those problems but not seeing any recent posts here about e-mail problems that is what gave me the idea to try the straight IP address.