ELK in Mexico


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I am planning a couple of installations in Mexico. All the panels I saw this weekend were DSC. Anyone have any experience installing an ELK M1 in Mexico specifically any dialer issues?
M1's are installed in Mexico, but I have no details.

M1 upgrade version 4.4.2 includes international telephone configuration through ELKRP version 1.6.8 Globals menu and above. Select the country and the M1 configures itself for the telephone environment. Mexico is one of the countries that may be selected.
Perfect timing on the international telephone configuration. There is not much alarm activity in Mexico that I saw except for the fancy shops in Ensenada and a few upscale homes. The shops are basically cookie cutter, front door switch, two glass breaks, one PIR and a single keypad by the door. Alarmex seems to have the lock on monitoring.