Elk Installers in Oakland, CA?


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Anyone here know of a decent Elk installer who'll do Oakland, CA? As discussed in this post, I've been keeping my neighbors up to date on my progress. No details, but general guidance like "imagine tons of motion, door, window, smoke, heat sensors, all integrated and able to be linked in to monitoring as well as lighting and CCTV to attempt to deter folks in the first place. Plus monitor it on your PC so you can see where the kids are/etc. Stuff ADT and Bay Alarm can never do for you.".

I've had 2 neighbors proactively ask me for details. No way am I doing this for them, but I told them I'd ask around. Plus, we got a neighborhood email listserv, so if I reach out to folks with sample pricing, more might be interested. Avg house in the neighborhood is $900K [crazy CA costs - it's >$500/sqft, so these are actually small houses], I would think folks would be ok spending $3K for an entry level system, more for the nicer stuff. 2 folks said ok to $1000-$1500 for a single CCTV, but don't want to move forward with that without the security stuff.
Have you checked with HomeTech in Cupertino? They sell ELK systems and they usually have a list of installers for all of the stuff they sell. I can't tell you if they have an installer for an ELK but it would make sense.
cool, thanks. i'll give you a call on monday. Busy running as much wiring as wife will allow this weekend.