Elk is not reading correct temp from TR-16


I just got my TR-16 installed. I have not done much heavy testing but so far the unit seems to be working ok.
The only thing that makes me somewhat wonder is why Elk reports the temp as
-17. Has anyone seeing anything like this?
A reading of -60F means no data from the thermostat. I think -17C is the same.

Make sure you have enrolled the M1XSP and set its jumpers for the RCS Thermostat.
Thank you, but I am quite certain the enrollment is not an issue here.
Attached is the screenshot of the expander properties.

I will double check the termostat interface in a minute


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Double checked the M1XSP manual for jumper settings - everything seems to be right.

One thing that worries me. When I enroll the expander using the software or the keyboard i hear a series of beeps.

01- Bus Module Enrollment -> right arrow

voice: start module enrollment
Kp Addr -> 01
Lost Comm

voice: end module enrollment

I go to edit screen see the results i see 2 modules enrolled. one for keypad and another for T5

Lost Comm message does not seem right, unless it disconnects from the Elk to enroll.