ELK+ISY994+Z-Wave Sensors+Sonoff... + Polisy Pro / any suggestions


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Greetings from Colombia,

I'm reaching the integration phase of the alarm/HA of this home.

Here's the setup:

-About 90 Sonoff switches (presently on the Chinese server) and controlled almost exclusively via Google Assistant.

-An ELK M1 Gold with magnetic and glass break sensors, Fire etc and M1XEP.

-About 16 Aeotec Z-Wave 6-in-1 sensors (includes motion).

-About 10 Z-Wave 1, 2 and 4 button wireless switches

-a Universal Devices ISY994 with Z-Wave module

-a Universal Devices Polisy Pro on order.

-several Raspberry Pi 3+, if needed.

The Z-Wave 6-1s are meant as motion sensors for both the ELK alarm system and as home automation (light).

The Z-Wave switches are for home automation, to control the Sonoff switches, in parallel to Google's voice and routine control.

UD says that I can control the Sonoff switches via a local server (raspberry pi).

Does anyone have experience in such an integration and could potentially point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.