Elk key disabled when armed


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I have an M1G, boot 3.1.15, firmware 4.3.12.

When I arm in stay mode, the "Elk" key is disabled. That means you can't operate any task, lighting, etc. when armed. Is this the intended operation?

Spanky said:
Yes, the ELK KEY does not work when the M1 is armed.

Will it ever :)

Really, this seems to cripple the HA features of this system. ;)

Most of my tasks are simple x-10 control of lighting, announce temperatures in various places, etc. These features should be available anytime, armed or not. :p

We had looked into making the ELK key operational while armed several months ago, but it was going to require major changes that would affect the UL listing, so we decided not to make the change.
Those dam UL requirements................

Maybe............... there is a way to work that out. Possibly an offline discussion for you and I Spanky. I think I see why its a concern but it might not be impossible.