ELK keypad connect using Cat 5 cable and data hub?


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I would like to connect my ELK keypad using a Cat 5 cable and the data hub. How does the black, white, green and red keypad connectors connect to the 8 wire Cat 5 cable - which color goes with which?
You read the instructions????????????? You broke the cardinal rule :D

Just busting your chops.

I have been in the alarm business and off since 1983 and I usually hate to read the instructions but find that if I dont I miss out on some great features. I also had to read the instructions line by line for a living for several years and you grow to hate doing it.
The ELK instructions suffer from the classic "Can't see the forest on account of the trees!" syndrome. There is so much spread over so many pages. For a first time security system DIYer, the documentation is a little intimidating. Once you see how your components will fit together, there is comprehensive detail available. If it had not been for this forum, I suspect I would have had all kinds of trouble. I wonder if anyone has written a "Security system installation and configuration for Dummies".
I have time this summer so maybe I'll compose a "First time DIYer Security/Automation System trials and tribulations" journal. I suspect others may be interested in using the same components-
CADDX NX448E 48 zone wireless interface
ZWave interface
Ethernet interface
data hub
In the industry the instructions are written for professionals period. Elk happens to be one of the few (if only) mfg that actively supports the DIY market.

I have read the ELK manual many many many times and I still dont know all of the features by heart (not even close). The reasons for this are that they have a very feature heavy system, they have certian information required by UL, ULC, ANSI SIA, NEC, CEC, NFPA, and the FCC to a very small degree, and they are trying to have a one size fits all (professional and DIY installers) manual. All of this is my opinion btw.

There are capabilities that are not even described in detail since it would probably add dozens of more pages. They give you enough information to get up and running plus all of the required information for the different regulatory agencies From there you can use the RP and run with it. Wait till you have used it for a month or so and you will really love it.

I have read installation manuals from Ademco, Napco, GE, Visonic, Electronics Line, and several others as well as the ELK and I feel that the ELK is pretty well laid out and very clear (all things considered). Having worked with many different mfg's over the years I can say that they all take a different approach to their "style" of manuals etc. None are perfect. Having set up and extensively tested dozens of different model systems I still had questions on the ELK system since they are a little different then other mfg's in their design (hardware and firmware). Once I caught on to the approach they took it became fairly easy to figure out how to do about anything I wanted.

The fact that you were able to install your system and get it up and running (with help from here) seems to indicate that they did a pretty good job. Since most systems are sold to professionals who would not want as much detail I think they had to draw the line somewhere.

I think that is why Spanky hangs out on here. He seems to love to help people (even if its not an ELK specific question). I have spoken with him many times and hes a hell of a nice guy (time to send another check Dave). :)

Good luck and have fun writing a DIY approach to the installation. I am sure that many people would love to see it and I would bet you will be a major help to others.
Now that I know which end is up, the ELK detail is less intimidating. I replaced an ancient system where I had only a user manual and could not get "programming" help because the company did not want me to screw it up (I had a maintenance policy that precluded a user from programming the system - what a phenomenal waste of money). I am so happy that the old system failed and I decided to put in a new system myself. I could not be more pleased at having decided to go with the ELK/CADDX-448E. I had a quote from another company for a CADDX system that was almost twice what I paid for my ELK/CADDX-448E hardware. They wanted almost $1,000 just to install and program the CADDX. I really feel that I now have a decent understanding of the configuration and operation of the ELK/CADDX-448E.