Elk keypad light failure


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So all of the blue LED's in my Elk M1G keypad (was the newer style in 2010) have burned out one by one over the last 4 years.  The LCD backlight is fine, but the blue LED's illuminating the keys have all burned out over time.  Some of them flickered for awhile on their way out.  The green / red status LED is still fine.  Even the blue led behind the chime button has now failed.  Anyone else had this problem?  I haven't yet taken the keypad apart to see what kind of LED's these are.  I'm going to guess they are surface mounts, maybe 0805 size?  I have a hot air reworking machine so I could pull these off and solder on replacements.  It's unusual that the LED's would all seem to fail like this.  They should be lasting a lot longer than that, unless they are being over-volted or the solder joints are bad.  Again, just wondering if anyone has had this problem.  
Give them a call.  I would assume they would want to know this and they might take care of you etc.