Elk Keypads beeping no indication


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Hello all;
I have and M1G system which after 6 years of trouble-free operation has developed an issue that I need help running down.  The problem is that the keypads beep intermittently when the system is armed stay, usually at odd hours that really disturb sleep.  When they beep, it is constant beeping and there is no indication on the lcd keypad or in the ELKRP log.  Sometime the 2 lcd keypads will stop beeping after 20 seconds or so, but I always have to clear the MKpas keypads with the * key.  I have checked voltage, and have shut the system off and checked resistance.  All seems to be within appropriate ranges.  I have 4 keypads each on home runs to an M1DBHR.  2 are M1KPAS and 2 are M!KP_LCD.  I have looked for rodent chews but find nothing.  My next steps are to disconnect the keypads one by one to see if one of them is causing the issue.  If nothing there, I will disconnect the M!DBHR and connect a keypad directly to the M1G.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.  Also, 
-will it be sufficient to just take out the keypads in ELKRP or do you think I should physically disconnect them?
-How else might I get to the bottom of this issue?


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I think you are on the right track to narrow it down.  I would physically disconnect each keypad one by one to see if that makes the problem go away.  Don't just unconfigure them.   After you've disconnected each one, leave them disconnected and disconnect another one, until you are down to just one.  Then remove the last one, and add one of the others back in.  As a final step, remove the M1DBHR and connect a single keypad directly to the M1.  Don't forget to make sure you have the terminating jumpers set correctly.
One other thought... how old is your back up battery? I'm thinking that if it is old, when the M1 does its load test, that might cause the voltage to drop and cause problems.  But when you measure the voltage at a later time, all would appear ok since it is not running the load test.


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Have you had power failures to the system recently? We just had some very nasty weather through here with the power to the house bouncing on and off and lots of lightning. Afterwards the system started behaving badly. It has had a couple of restarts and even triggered a time based rule at the wrong time. It was supposed to trigger at sunset and triggered mid day.
I restarted the system and it is good for a couple of days now. If it has more trouble I am going to look at the surge protectors that I have on both data and power lines first. They most likely absorbed a lot of energy in the storms.


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So i just returned from 2 weeks out of state. On the first day of my trip i got numerous calls from the monitoring service reporting alarms on an outdoor motion detector which was a honeywell 5800 pir ohtdoor detector. To keep from totally annoying my neighbors for 2 weeks, i had a friend pull the device and remove the batteries. When i returned Friday I disabled the device in ElkRP The neighbor had told me the detector was full of ants— little sugar ants that apparently were attracted by something in the device. Since then, no issues at all with keypads. Could the ants have caused some condition that resulted in beeping keypads? I will use the system for awhile to see if the beeping reoccurs. Any thoughts?