Elk KP2 Keypad


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Is there any word on the new Elk KP2 Keypad?

I understand there has been some discussion on the ability, or lack thereof to read temperature from the new keypad. I would be real interested in knowing what options we will have. This is an important area for me and from what I can tell, several others as well.

I have one KP1 keypad at this time. I like the look of the new KP2 keypad with its flush mount ability, but the temperature thing is a big concern for me. I am considering buying some additional keypads, but at this point I am not sure what I should buy.

Any updated information from the Elk folks or others would be greatly appreciated.

I have been a HomeSeer user for a while and have recently purchased a new Elk M1 Gold system which I am trying to get set up. I am hoping the Elk M1 Gold and HomeSeer 2.1 will be a good combination.

The KP2 Does not have a Temp Sensor built in. You will have to run an external temp sensor from the M1 to that location.

We are all waiting on a final ship date from Elk and hopefully will get that SOON!!