Elk M1 "1141 = Expansion Module Trouble" on Wireless Module


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Any thoughts on what failure modes cause an Elk Honeywell Protocol wireless module to report "1141 = Expansion Module Trouble?"
Twice now, on 6 April at 22:07 hours, and on 1 June at 22:14 hours, my keypads started beeping and I shut the disarmed system down to make the noise stop.
Upon restart the log shows "1141 = Expansion Module Trouble" as of the trouble time, and then "1161 = Expansion Module Restore" as of the system restart time.

The wireless module is connected just ahead of a keypad (terminated) on my second network bus home-run. No "Trouble" codes come from the keypad.

The wireless module has been in service about six months, and otherwise is trouble-free. The downstream keypad itself has no reported problems.   

It could be data bus problems that are causing the error.  You could look in keypad menu 8 under data bus errors and see if the count is increasing over time.  It's not unusual to see a few errors over the course of a day, but if there are many, that's a sign of a problem.
The next thing to check would be all the connection points on the data bus.  At the M1, the keypads, the expansion module.   And on both branches, not just the branch with the wireless module.
Are you using a M1BDH, or do you just have 2 branches wired as home runs to the M1?
Thanks, I'll check connections.
It shows 214 Errors. I'll check later as well. 
I have two (Terminated) home runs, not the M1DBH.
RAL, The M1XRF2Hv2 Honeywell Protocol wireless receiver at the T2A5 type/address has logged 90 more data bus errors in the last 30 hours. 
Thanks again for pointing me to that keypad menu.  Wish I could see those data with the ELK-RP application.
I'll start where the receiver is centrally located in the morning and will also check the data bus connections on that whole home-run.
Yep, the (+) wire to that home-run was loose in its connection at the PD-9 distribution point. 
Thank you so much, RAL.  I'll continue monitoring.
Glad you found it!  That could definitely cause problems.  Hopefully, it will run solid from here on out.