Elk m1 And VB6


At startup I'd like to synchronize my apps buttons with an Elk m1's text descriptions and current state. Does anybody know of some VB examples for doing this?


Reference the ELK M1 RS-232 Protocol Document..

I do not have example code, but to get the descriptions, send the "sd" ASCII command structure as described on page 30 of the above document. The M1 will return the description text string. If you request descriptions that are not programmed, the M1 will return the next programmed description text string. When all descriptions are read, the M1 will return "000" as the item number to indicate no more data. This method makes it very efficient to gather the descriptions instead of having to poll every item that may not have data programmed.
Thanks Spanky. Yes, I am using the 'sd' request but I'm probably not parsing the expected response correctly.