ELK M1 and Z-Wave compatible Tstat


Hi to all,

I'd like to know if the RCS TZ16 Z-wave thermostat is compatible with the ELK M1 controller.

I'd also like to know about the HomePro ZTT000 - Is it compatible?

Does anyone use one of these with their ELK M1 system and how is it performing?
Was it difficult to setup?

I guess one needs the Z-Wave adapter ELK-M1XZW in order to be able to receive transmit Z-Wave signals.

Any one would like to share there experiences?

All comments are welcome!

The TZ16 Zwave Thermostat from RCS is compatible with the M1XZW Zwave M1 interface.

Yes, you will need the M1XZW Zwave interface to do any of the Zwave devices.

The Homepro ZTT000 is also compatible with the M1. I have one in my office and it works fine.

Welcome aboard!!