Elk M1 CAV6.6 Panasonic 824


Looking for idea's!!

Have a site that has the combo stated, need idea's to do the most with the existing. Thanks in advance :unsure:
Kind of depends what you're trying to do. Elk demo'd their integration with Russound. If you had a TS-07 you could control the CAV thru that. I'll defer Panasonic phone system stuff to someone like UpsateMike.
Thanks Steve

TS-07 is on Santa's list. I think I saw somewhere Elk could turn off CAV6.6 when armed.

Does anyone know if 824 can be used for Elk anounce???
I don't have an Elk but I guess you could define the telephone reporting format as 5 (voice message) and enter the number to dial as 33* (you need to have the phone interface of the Elk plugged into an extension port on the phone system and program that port to work with single line phones).

Then in a rule you have some trigger and for your then action it would be THEN DIAL Central Station [33*] AND ANNOUNCE Miscellaneous 1[VM 239]

(substitute whatever voice message you want to use in place of Miscellaneous 1. Just make sure if you use a Miscellaneous voice message that you go define it with some words.)

Anyway this is how it looks like it should work but I don't have an Elk so I could be wrong.

Thanks for the input ,will try that out and report on the outcome. Have a GREAT DAY and don't do a Turkey OD :D