Elk M1 Ethernet trouble

I have moved my Elk into a live system. And now I have a ethernet trouble state I can't get rid of.

I can ping the controler.
The java plug in comes up and asks for the pin.
RP will not connect

I have replaced the serial cable and still can't get it up.

Any Ideas ?

What error do you get in RP? Just to be sure, you did switch the connection method in Elk RP, correct? Sometimes, people tend to connect using the serial port, out of habit.
If you have programmed any telephone numbers for Ethernet reporting, but do not have the central station connection yet, you will get an Ethernet failure.

If you have enrolled the system and the Ethernet was there and it disappears, you will get an Ethernet trouble. The M1 sends out an ASCII command to the M1XEP and expects a response. If the response if not received after two attempts the keypad will display an Ethernet Failure.

Can you connect to the M1 from a PC with ELKRP?

To get rid of the Ethernet failure, disconnect the M1XEP and enroll devices again.