Elk m1 expansion troubleshooting help


I am having trouble with an expansion zone and wondering if anyone has ideas on how to fix the issue.
I can't see any of the zones.
This started with checking a zone prior to spray foam insulation.  I couldn't get the zone to recognize.  Redid the EOL resistor twice, traced the wire, then replaced it figuring something was wrong.
Same results on second wire.  Decided to put an EOL resistor on the next set of terminals.  I expected that zone to come up normal.  That was my litmus test for seeing the expander and it's zones.
The LED on the expander says it is enrolled in the bus and okay.
I turned the system off and changed its address and brought it back up, got 5 flashes indicating ready to enroll.
I'm using ELKRP.
The bus config is keypad to Main to DBHUB to Expander.
DB Hub to Expansion power supply.  
An ethernet interface is attached to the Main. I'm using a laptop to access programming via ELK RP.
I'll eventually add other devices and the excel spreadsheet from Elk indicates more power will be needed, hence the expansion power supply.
I'm planning to contact Automated Outlet (dealer) tomorrow, but was hoping someone can point out something I've missed.
Take a DMM out and with the zone/EOLR connected note the voltage of the zone pair in a secure and violated state. Don't use RP to do this as we're trying to determine if there is a hardware fault.
Second, check the address, make sure it's set for zones 17 up. Want to say default is to mimic the zones on the board.

Third, verify the data bus and termination. You don't mention any of this, so it's unclear as to how many branches, topology or termination. If you have a hub (passive or retrofit) verify the connections and/or RJ45's (if passive)
Try with no other components connected to board, no KP's etc.
  I'll test it with a DMM this evening and report back what I find.
The data bus is configured using a DBHub, the retrofit 4 wire version, not the RJ45 one.
The bus sequence is:
Keypad-> ElkM1 - > DB Hub -> M1EXP
From the hub one branch goes to a supervised remote power supply that is part of future install plans.
The M1EXP indicates that it is working properly. (1 light flash).
When I powered down and purposely mis-set the address and powered back up it flashes 5 times.
I have tried several different scenarios to determine the problem including reconnecting the sensor, running new wire, and using an adjacent pair of terminals with just a resistor at the board.  I finally concluded that I can't see the expansion board from ELK RP.  I can add it, but I can't see the status of anything.
I'll take some photos when I go to the house this evening.
Sounds like termination is the issue.
You need to pay attention to the termination and branches on a DBHR. You need to install and terminate the components for an entire branch, you can't only put a single device per branch and terminate the board/device. It won't work.