ELK M1 "Fire Trouble" stays on for a few days after cycling power or after testing sensors


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I have 2 fire zones set up using System Sensor i3 series photoelectric smoke sensors. One zone is using two sensors in series (models 2WB) as a 2-wire zone with one 2.2kOhm EOL resistor. Other zone is one sensor (model 4WB) using as a 4-wire zone, also with one 2.2kOhm EOL resistor. Whenever I test these smoke detectors, I get a "fire trouble" alert and nothing can reset it except time, like one or two days and it goes away.  Now, for the first time I got a "fire trouble" for the 4-wire zone after recycling power on the M1. Only way to get rid of the alert is time, about 2 days. What is wrong?  Thanks!
jpmargis said:
Did you really mean 820 ohms?
I believe they are 2200ohm, is that my problem for both the 4-wire & 2-wire smoke detectors?  I now do see in the instructions that 2-wire smokes should use 820ohms, but shows 4-wire smokes require 2200ohm? 
The 2-wire and 4-wire smokes do use different EOL resistor values.  You need to make sure you have the right value on each type. Using the wrong value could be the source of your trouble conditions.