Elk M1 Gold and NX-408E ????


I am having problems setting up my M1 Gold. I have the following:

Elk M1 Gold
Data Bus Hub
Caddx NX-408E Wireless
(2) Keypads
M1XSP hooked to UPB Lighting Module
Several wired window and door switches

I installed the Data bus and hooked up one keypad and all was fine. Then the second keypad gave me a Lost Comm error until I re-enrolled the bus and it found it fine, however, I can't get it to find the M1XSP hooked to the same bus J3, (termination RJ-45 is in J4). Also the system won't find the NX-408E. Or at least if it is finding it after setting the Elk to look for wireless type 8 zone, starting at 17, the NX-408E won't sense and of the door sensors or the smoke detectors when I put it in learn mode. Any trick to getting the M1XSP and NX-408E to work?
Okay thought someone more quailified would help but here goes.

For wireless sensors I didn't get the enroll to work I simply entered the
of the wireless sensor.

[/QUOTE]"I installed the Data bus and hooked up one keypad and all was fine. Then the second keypad gave me a Lost Comm error until I re-enrolled the bus and it found it fine, however, I can't get it to find the M1XSP hooked to the same bus J3, (termination RJ-45 is in J4). "
I would contact Elk support about this.

They are the BEST company I've dealt with. They will help the small guy out instead of just the dealers.
Couple of things.

Yes, go to the RP software and create the wireless zones.

for each transmitter, as Brian said, just add the TX number that is located on each device in the wireless zone for that device.

As far as the keypads go: If you are only installing 2 keypads, you don't need to use the databus hub. Simply put the jumper pin (the black one that was included with the keypad) on J2. The keypads need to be terminated in order for you to register them. Once you have installed the jumper, then go to the keypad and tell the Elk to search for 485 devices. It will them find both keypads and then you can address the second one.
Thanks guys.

I'll be using the RP software with it this weekend, just didn't have it on the server when I moved it to the new place (No net yet so couldn't DL it).

I would eliminate the bus hub, but the plans are to increase the Keypads to 4, plus the M1XSP will grow to two when I add the thermostat control later (Still waiting for the builder to fix the furnace and balance it before changing it and giving him an excuse to say the 10 degree temp difference is my fault :)
:) /Trouble Shooting the ELK M1 data bus

1. Make sure the RS-485 data bus is properly terminated. You should have the terminating jumpers at the extreme ends of the data bus.

Example 1: Control and 1 keypad. Terminating resistor on the control and on the keypad.

Example 2: Control and two keypads with the keypads at the extreme ends of the data bus. Terminating resistor on each keypad. NO terminating resistor on the control.

2. Measure the bus resistance. Turn off all the power to the control with the ON/OFF switch. Using a Voltmeter set to the Ohms scale measure the resistance of the data bus across the A & B data terminals on the control. You should read 65 ohms +/- 10 ohms. If you read greater than 75 ohms, you do not have one of the terminating resistors in place. If you read less than 55 ohms, you have too many terminating resistors in place.

3. Set a unique address for each Keypad. All keypads come from the factory set to keypad address 1. Keypad 1 is always enrolled into the M1. You must set the address on any additional keypads.

Hold the "*" and F5 key for approximately 5 seconds or until the setup screen appears. Press the F1 key for address setup. Use the UP and DOWN keys to set the address you want. Press the EXIT key twice to get out of the setup mode.
Note: You can calibrate the temperature sensor on the keypad by pressing the F2 key and using the UP and DOWN keys to display the desired temperature.

4. Press the ELK key, then 9 key. Enter the Installer Code (Factory default 172839). You should now be at menu 1 which enrolls and unenrolls all bus devices. Press the RIGHT arrow key. The keypad will momentarily lose communication while the M1 searchs all possible devices on the data bus. When the keypad LCD display returns, press the RIGHT arrow key to review all the devices that was found on the data bus. Make sure they have all been found. If not, try the enrollment again by pressing the ELK key to back up a menu then RIGHT arrow again.

5. If a device has not been found, make sure that ALL Data A wire connections connect to Data A on all bus devices and Data B connects to Data B on all bus devices. If any are swapped, the device will not work right.

6. Monitor the data bus errors. Press the ELK key then the 8 key. Press the RIGHT arrow key, enter a master code or Installer code. Press 6, for system diagnostics, then RIGHT arrow key. The keypad will now be displaying Data Bus Errors. If you can see the data bus errors counting up, there is still a bus problem. Note: It is normal to have an occasional data bus error.

Caddx Transmitter Enrollment

The above data bus enrollment procedure does not enroll Caddx/GE Receivers, NX-408e, NX-416e, or NX-448e. If you are having problems enrolling the transmitters from the keypad, I have found that defaulting the wireless receiver module from Installer Global 45 programming generally solves the problem. After defaulting the Wireless, re-install all the transmitters. You should get a beep out of a speaker connected to Output 1 when the transmitter enrolls. Remember you can not enroll more than one transmitter per zone.
Look for the Red LED on the Caddx receiver to be blinking. If not, check your wiring.

Hope some of this will help. If you are still having a problem, contact ELK Technical at 800-797-9355.

Happy M1'ing.

David Steele
Chief Engineer
ELK Products, Inc.
Got the RS485 Bus issues fixed and all modules enrolled.

As for the NX-408E, I guess it is a bad one. It powers up fine (Blinking red light after power up), but even trying to trip a module within an inch of the antenna fails to produce anything. I tried 4 different transmitters (2 micro door, 1 PIR and a smoke) None of them produce the Yellow received signal light, none will beep for enrollment. Tried using the keypad and software method with no luck.

I'll try again with a new card soon......

Thanks for all the help