Elk M1 Gold Keypad showing Over Current


My Elk keypad is not showing an Over Current on the keypad. I only have three motion sensor connected to the 12vdc outputs on the main board and an 16 zone expansion board of the RS-485 bus. Any ideas?



Thanks for the reply, hope I am not bothering you. I found that I had connected the 12vdc power incorrectly on one of the motion sensors and that was causing my problem.

Thanks again, until next time (which will probably be tomorrow...hehe)

Glad you found your problem.

One thing to keep in mind, the PTC fuses on the M1 will open when an overcurrent is detected and restore when the current drops back to less than half its rating. If you are drawing close to maximum current on a circuit, you may have to turn off the power and allow the PTC to cool down in order for it to reset.

Thanks for the advice. I was getting concerned when I say the message on the keypad, I did power the unit off while I was trying to diagnose the problem. I am glad there is a PTC fuse in there, I would rather see the message then smoke, no lights and another check missing in my check book...hehe