ELK M1 Gold & PPC

Hi all,

I want to have access to my M1 from my PPC. I want to view the XEP web link as well as program the M1 with the RP software.

Is this doable ?


The XEP web client uses Java, so if Java will run on your PPC I guess it could work. I think it would best to use a custom graphical interface create with something like CQC or ML to have a nice set of usuable screens on the PPC. Not sure RP will run but you don't use RP very often so I think it would be best to just use RP from a larger laptop or desktop. Another option may be some sort of remote control software.
We have found ELKRM will run on more devices than finding devices that will run Java. ELKRM will run through the M1XEP for remote control.

If your PPC will run normal Windows XP programs it should run ELKRP.