ELK m1 GOLD Wireless Group changes to HARDWARE after receive all with ELK RP-2

I just decided to install the ELK m1 GOLD that I purchased 5 years ago from Smarthome. The basic installation was easy; I had ADT and wanted to use all of the Honeywell Sensors. The ELK M1 Gold install doc was very helpful  - the only problem I have is that after I enroll the Honeywell sensors with the "LRN" process and use the ELK-RP (Ver 2.0.16) to receive all of the devices into the database - the process is automatically changing the "WIRELESS GROUP-2" to "Hardwire -Exp 2" and I don't have any zone expanders except the Wireless M1XRF2h and I don't have any control or config for the M1DBH - can anyone help ? I have been working with the dealer - but its remains unresolved.
Model: M1G HW: 0.11 BOOT: 3.3.6 Firmware 5.2.10 Address N/A
M1KP-2 HW: 1.4 Boot 3.0.14 Firmware 2.1.54 Address 1
M1XRF2H HW: 4.1 Boot: 1.0.0 Firmware 0.9.8 Address 2
M1EXP HW: 1.0 Boot: 1.2.0 Firmware 1.3.28 Address N/A
I also have the M1DBH inside the control panel - its connected and seems to be powering up the KEYPAD and the WIRELESS receiver  with homerun CAT-5 but this device does not appear in the ENROLL/Update process of the ELK RP interface - Is that normal?
That's a REALLY annoying bug in the software - the basic gist is, enroll the thing like normal, then go to a keypad and enroll a wireless sensor - then when you open RP, it won't get changed to a WIRED expander.
There's probably other workarounds - I have only seen it discussed here once or twice, but it drove me out of my mind when I added wireless for this house (was all wired in last home).
Thank you - that really helped as I broaden my understanding of this really great system. I am running into another strange issue; all my wireless zones are configured; but when I arm the system - all of the wireless zones are in NORMAL, BYPASS Status - if these zones are violated I am guessing that the system will ignore and will not execute my rules. How do I configure the door sensor ? I have them as 01 - Burglar Entry/Exit 1
I verified the Force Armable option in the RP software is not checked; the problem is only with the Door sensors, I also have a wireless motion sensor (Ademco 5890) and a Smoke detector (Ademco 5808W3) and these are in NORMAL status.
Have you pulled a fresh copy of the DB to verify 100% (belt and suspenders check)
Have you tried clearing the bypass? May have been some random keypresses while testing all this? Have you cycled a door contact to see if the status changes?
Forced Arm would be obvious as it would require one to enter a code to arm.
I'm not near RP at the moment, but like DEL said, make sure things aren't bypassed now - although after you arm and disarm, it should un-bypass anything.  Do you have any rules that attempt to alter the bypass state of zones?
If not, try and post a screenshot here of your zone configuration on one of those sensors.
If all else fails you can disable your rules, or post them here for review too.
I might be thinking back to the old Moose panel days, but I believe bypassing a device requires it to be reenabled (unbypassed), not an arm/disarm cycle. Been so long since I needed to bypass via a keypad on the M1.
I almost never bypass a zone either, but I'm 99% sure that once you disarm, all bypassed zones are automatically un-bypassed.
Here are the three images from my RP - I thank you all for the replies; all of the devices are now in VIOLATED status; the bypass mode is not changing the status, I arm and disarm but the status does not change. Help will be greatly appreciated
If they're violated, the system should protest and not allow you to arm the system without entering in a code to force the bypass.
Are you using the integral reed switch or  external contact? Check to make sure your loop # is correct and that you don't have the magnet too far away (integral reed).
Definitely a problem with the configuration of the sensors, or the magnet is too far (as DEL said); but since they were existing and they're all doing it, that's pretty unlikely.  Check both the Elk honeywell receiver and possibly the sensor instructions - there are often different modes you can choose from.
Thanks after checking all of the devices and using the LEARN feature to enroll all of the sensors I am still confused.  The devices are registered ideally I want the keypad to chime when the doors are open and close; it seems if I select the 04=Burglar Interior and type to 0=EOL Supervised all of the devices are in NORMAL status when I arm or dis arm - however if a door is opened in disarmed state the ZONE changes to VIOLATED until I bypass the zone ?? I am expecting the action will play the chime and the voice announcement for the zone and return to the NORMAL status especially if its NOT armed ? and the doors to be in a violated status and remain in that status only if the alarm is ARMED.
Interior zones do not chime, only perimeter doors and only if that option is enabled, per zone.
The zone should show violated when opened and restore when the door is closed, otherwise you have programming errors or a physical installation issue.