ELK M1 Gold with a 24VDC supply?


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Greetings from Colombia;
I am cleaning up my alarm cabinet, following a lightning induced power-surge, which crawled into the panel through the hardwired front gate, jumped the relays, fried the ELK output, took out the RS232, fried the M1XEP and finally got to a stop at the ethernet switch inside the cabinet, frying it too. I have surge protection on the whole house and the panel... but not on the cat 5 from the gate to the panel... Live and learn. Now I have surge protection on that line too and a hardened switch to the rest of the system... Fortunately insurance is picking up the damage and I'm getting everything replaced.
There are a couple of really old threads about running the ELK M1 Gold off a DC supply, not sure they are still monitored...
I have a couple of DIN Rail DC supplies in the cabinet, one 12V (up to 13.5V) and one 24V (down to 16V)... both are 5A. Can I use either of them to supply the ELK M1 Gold? 

Thanks Pete,

That is an in depth discussion on batteries alright!

After the post, I started looking closely why my 24V supply doesn't go below 22V, but up to 30V... I just needed to increase the resistor in series with the trimpot to get there. I'm now at the 13.8V+4V=18VDC recommended by @Spanky in one of the threads. I'll use the partially damaged ELK M1 to test. It still detects doors, charges the battery and powers the touchscreens.

Yes, I first ordered a new M1XEP and hooked it up to my Elk, to see, if it talks to me... No such luck. The new Elk should show up in 10 days or so...

It's a pity to trash a whole board that seems to mostly be working. I might make a project out of it, starting with the RS232 chip...