ELK M1 Hookup - New House - PLEASE HELP


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Hello all - I am writing in desperation for some assistance on hooking up & configuring my Elk M1. As a little background, my wife and I recently moved into our new construction. We've planned this house for 2 years... and it turned into a nightmare. Long story short, I ran all of the wires for security myself, wired up all of the sensors at each window, door etc... all of that has been tested and is good but since the house build turned into a nightmare (as I know many do), I've since lost my memory as to how to get this thing working and operational. The reason I am in panic mode is b/c there was a devastating house fire near us in which 3 little girls were killed as well as the grandparents... so it's freaking me out to say the least and I want to keep my family safe.

My system is roughly as follows:
Data Bus - ELK-M1DBH
2 Zone expanders - ELK-M1XIN
Ethernet Port Interface - ELK-M1ZEP
3 Keypads (2 larger, 1 smaller w/ no screen), Cat6 cable ran to panel from each pad location - ELK-M1KP2 (2) & ELK-M1KPS
4 Wire Smokes throughout, each floor is wired in series w/ EOL relay & EOL resistor on end of chain - home run per floor (Ademco System Sensor 4W-B Smoke Detector 4-Wire)
CO detectors on each floor - home run
1 zone per window, upper/lower sash sensors in series w/ EOL resistor - home run per window/door
Wires ran from glass break & motion - home run for each sensor

My main concern now is getting the thing up and running for fire protection. Does the keypad need to be operational to do this? I didn't think it did but maybe I am wrong because I was testing the smoke system last night, once I trigger one of the detectors (using smoke from burning newspaper), the little light on it turns red.. down at the panel I am getting nearly a 13.8V reading from that smoke zone which should trigger the siren... but it does not. I have the siren on 'Out 2'... which is still only showing around 3.4V w/ no sound coming out. The interesting thing is that even once I power down the M1, power it back up... the smoke light goes back from red to blinking green, but the panel still reads 13.8V. Is this an issue or is this because I need to clear the past triggered event? Why am I not getting a siren? How do I setup the keypads... as I have the data bus which uses RJ45... and I've put RJ45 connectors on the Cat6 runs at the panel... but I am assuming I need to enroll that Data bus itself before it can communicate with the M1? Right now the one key pad that I have hooked up shows a message about Loss Comm.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... this board has been great throughout my install process... unfortunately it's been so long that I lost alot of my thoughts and learning.

Thanks very much all & Happy Holidays!


Without getting into the whole troubleshooting process, where abouts are you located? It sounds like you're in the same state or exceptionally close to me.
Shoot me a PM if you'd want a hand, it'd probably be easier, but it sounds like you have some wiring issues and configuration issues to start.


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Something is wired wrong.

The fire zone should read ~7.6 volts when not alarming (normal) and ~0 volts when alarming. 13.8v would indicate an open circuit and your system would respond to that as a "trouble" condition not an "alarm" condition.

I frankly am not sure if you must have a keypad on the Elk, but why don't you at least hook one up? The databus hub is not an active part of the system. It just "splices" the wires together. You might just temporarily hook up one keypad right at the M1 while you get the smoke issue figured out. That is easy to do, just 4 wires that are color coded.

My suspcion here is that you have an interupted wire on your alarm wire since it is clear that you do have power (there are lights on the detector blinking). First, you should go to the very last smoke detector in your daisy chained series and make sure it has power. Then check to see that you also have power on the two alarm leads (~13.8) (with the eol relay/resistor removed). Then make sure that you have your eol relay working properly with the eol resistor in place properly. It might be as simple as you having used the NC (normally closed) terminals on the relay instead of NO (open).

I am sure Dell would solve this quickly provided the wires are physically in place.

EDIT: I just re-read your post, if you have 13.8v while "alarming" and while not alarming, this can not be backwards wiring on the relay, it can pretty much only mean you have a disconnection in your alarm wire prior to the smoke detector you tested.


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Thanks all. DEL I don't believe the system will allow me to send private yet... are you able to call me at some point tomorrow? ***REMOVED***

Thanks again for the replies all.



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Nick - might I suggest you edit your post to remove your personal phone number ASAP and look to www.delinstallations.com for DEL's contact info? Once it's entered online it's hard to remove!