ELK M1 installers in Seattle area


I'm interested in getting an Elk M1EZ8 system installed in lieu of our current security system ("Sentrol") in our home in the Seattle area. We never used the Sentrol system, and I cracked open the case to see if ripping it out and replacing it with an M1EZ8 was something I wanted to try myself. In looking at everything, I've decided that it would be best for someone else to do this. Plus, the previous installers (system came with the house) never actually hooked up the old system to the telephone line!

I emailed Elk Products, but never received a response (maybe they don't like such emails?), so that's why I am asking here. I tried googling this, but couldn't come up with anything.

Thanks in advance!

- Mike.
Hi Mike, welcome to CocoonTech!

It shouldn't be too hard to replace the system by yourself. You should be able to use the existing sensors. The only thing you have to verify is if the current setup uses EOL resistors, and if so, what kind. You are more than welcome to post some pictures here, so maybe we can explain the things you are worried about, or don't know how to do.

Elk has a very good customer service, but they are extremely busy. The good news is that some of the Elk engineers hang out here, and we have plenty of alarm system experts who will be able to help you as well.
Don't forget to check this out.


If you take this on yourself I'm sure cocooners can help you along the way. If you want to hire it done call around. Most alarm compaines will only want to install their own panels, I would check with Home Automation or electricans.

THe M1 was my first install and went smoothly.
You have access to more technical knowledge on this website than any individual has. The nice thing is that it is FREE. We will help you through your Do It Yourself project.

Go for it!!

All emails to ELK should get a reply unless it looked like spam and the "MACHINE ATE IT" which happens on occasion. Sorry!
Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone! I may take you up on that offer! I need to get through the holidays first -- :eek: -- and this will be a project I will be looking at next year.

I did open up the panel to see what's already there. We have six zones (five of which I can identify, and one that I have no clue where it's connected to). I'll take a picture at some point to show everyone what it looks like. There are EOL resistors in there. We have a siren connected to the current system, three door sensors, two motion sensors, two keypads, and then that mystery zone . . . .
I think it may be a smoke or heat sensor. We have the usual smoke detectors, but there's one more near an existing one in the upstairs hallway (which is open to downstairs), and we never really knew what it was for . . . . I'll have to take some pictures and show everyone.