Elk M1 log entry question?


When I check my logs I have multiple instances of 1367 = SYSTEM START UP throughout the day. It seems like it is always on the top of an hour - not every hour though. Sometimes there is multiple instances in a row at the same clock time???


Something is causing the processor to watchdog reset.

Make sure you have the latest software update.

Check total current draw with with user menu 8,6,2 to make sure you are not drawing too much current in the system.
With 790 ma current draw I would guess you have quite a few items connected to the M1G.

You might start by temporarily disconnecting some of the items to see if that stops the restart, especially power consuming devices like smokes, motions, indicators or relays.

Do you have any rules that fire once per hour? If so, they may be causing the overload - if it's an overload issure.
790 ma is not that much in my opinion. I have run about 1.5 A on my M1 with no problems (other than not enough battery backup). Now I am down to about 800 ma by adding a supplemental power supply.

My GUESS is that it is not a power issue. Any chance there is a problem with the databuss? I would try isolating things as mentioned above.
I have attached my log file in pdf format. Notice the time in the logs when it restarts. Any ideas why it does this at these specific times??? Let me know what you guys think.




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