Elk M1 Newb - Still


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Hey guys I am still wrapping my head around how to use this Elk M1. I swear the Omnipro was more intuitive and perhaps it was just using it for longer but I have multiple notices on my keypads I can't get to go away. When I look at the display is scrolls through a couple of messages and I have NO idea how to clear them. They are old because when I am in the system with ElkRP everything is just great.

Can someone tell me how to clear old log messages, please?


I'm not sure what you mean by "notices". Once you learn the terminology that ELK uses, it gets easier.

Alarms and troubles will appear on the keypads - to clear those, I believe you have to enter a user code. If the trouble still exists, it will come back of course.

Informational messages can also appear on the keypads if you programmed them in your Automation Texts/Rules - I believe the * key (or Clear on LCD keypads) is typically used to clear those. If you check the relevant line in your Rules, it should say use * to clear.

The only "log" I am aware of is the History Log, which shows recent activity (e.g., last disarm, etc.) - I don't think you can clear that.
I type my code but they persist. Is there a place I have to type the user code? If I type the user code in the "regular" area I think it will try to arm the alarm?

I've pressed * a BUNCH and they still remain :(
Did you check the Rule associated with the message? Clicking on the THEN statement in that Rule will open a dialog box that specified the text to be displayed. Near the bottom of that dialog box is a checkbox that says "Allow user to clear message with [*] key". Obviously, this must be checked in order to clear the message.

If that is not the fix, then perhaps post a photo of what you are seeing.
You were spot on! I had to, in my reconfiguration, renumber my zones and with that, I had some issues. I checked the automation which was the wrong zone which is missing. I think I am fixed up now. Thanks for the excellent help!