ELK M1 phone monitoring question


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Sorry, it's time for a few naive questions about the Elk M1 capabilities.

When the phone calls a monitored service what information does it give them and how is that accomplished (like it calls a modem and spits ascii chars).

The reason I ask is we want to continue to use the same monitoring service. Currently when they get a call they know exactly what zone is tripped and what type of detector. If it's a smoke detector, they immediately call the fire department, then start on the notification list. Otherwise they start on the notification list then call the right people. So I want to make sure the M1 can give them the exact same information in the same format.

The M1 supports Contact ID as well as other standard protocols. Have a look at the install guide for all details. It should be compatible with any monitoring company.
The M1 can talk to your monitoring station. You inform the monitoring station what each zone is defined to do. When the central station gets the zone information, they look it up in their data base to know who to call. Most central stations provide a form to fill out with the controls programming information.

CID, Contact ID, uses touchtone tones to send the data to the central station.

SIA, uses FSK modem tones to send data to the central station.

CID has become the most popular format used by central stations.
Yeah, in addition, it can tell it what kind of alarm it is. We found this out one day when the paramedics showed up at the office for a medical emergency....