Elk M1 Reset


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What are the types of things which would cause our M1 to do a reset on it's own?
it's on a house circuit w/other computer equipment, but has its own APC UPS. Behind the UPS is the M1 and an expansion case, each with its own battery and power supply.
the other equipment didn't trip, nor did any of the UPSs involved.
the only thing I can imagine is that between the windy day causing all the foliage to flail around, and the constant motion of some landscape contractors caused too many motion events from the Optex exterior PIR sensors. I have not convinced myself of this.
Do you mean restarts rather than a reset?  
Do you see any messages about it in the log?  Over the years, there have been some firmware issues that caused restarts.   I recall that a problem in a rule that causes a loop can cause a restart.  Also, I seem to recall that large numbers of data bus errors can cause it. 
RAL said:
Do you mean restarts rather than a reset?  
good point - yes I mean it restarts. The system switches to voice mode and starts counting off zone status.
my family finds it annoying while in their zoom calls.
interesting about the loop. my exterior motion detectors may have gotten into a loop with the lighting control, even tho it was daylight.
One other thought... how old is your backup battery?  The M1 does a load test once a day, and runs on battery for a few minutes during that test.  When the battery is low, that should generate a keypad message.  But if it is very low, it seems that sometimes it isn't able to log the message and instead the lack of power results in a restart.  And then the kaypad message is gone, so you never know about it.