Elk M1 RP documentation.


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Is there a seperate document for the RP software (the standard software that comes with the system)?

I'm trying to figure out how I write tasks to interface a serial port to my litetouch system.

For example, here's the command to determine if a specific load (light, whatever) is on:

Command: Get Load State
Format: R,CGLST,<mmmo> where: mmm is module and o is output (zero based)1
Return: R,RQRES,CGLST,<b> where: b = 0 means off and b = 1 means on
Description: Returns the current state of a specific load.

So to see if the 3rd load on module 61 is on you would send the ascii string:

RCGLST,0612<CR> (<CR> is carriage return)

and R,RQRES,CGLST,1<CR> would be returned if the load was on (actually if the load was not off, but that's a whole other story).
I've never seen a separate manual for the RP application. As far as I know the only instructions for RP are contained in the M1 control Installation Manual (and of course the Help section of the RP application itself).

Information on sending/receiving ascii text messages through a serial port can be found under the "TEXTS" heading in the RP section of the M1 Installation Manual.
For LiteTouch you will construct ASCII Text strings in the TEXT section of ELKRP (under the Automation drop down). Then write Rules to send the Text Strings out the appropriate port when desired.

Then SEND ASCII TEXT ( "XYZ1234") OUT SERIAL PORT 1 or something like that

The LiteTouch protocol is not an embedded protocol in the M1XSP, so you have to write your own text strings and use the generic ascii pass through on the M1XSP serial port expander.
there is a serial interface manual on their web site but I beleive this is for the other way around... talking to the controller and getting information to a PC