ELK M1 Showcase House


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ELK Products, Inc. is sponsoring a new, local showcase house to display all the capabilities of the M1 system. The house is over 13000 sq. feet and had the lighting already prewired before we got involved. Sheet rock is not up yet.

The automation will include:
- Security
- Whole house lighting control with motion sensing automatic pathway lighting.
- Cameras
- Whole house audio/video control
- HVAC control with 6 heat pumps and 24 total zones
- Home Theatre
- Water leak detection with zoned water cutoff.
- Wifi with wireless touchscreens.

First -
Lighting Control selection criteria:
One lighting control system will be used.
Since the light switches were already prewired, we have to either work with the existing wiring or make major wiring changes.
We found so far:
1. Many switches were 3 and 4 way wired. The electrical boxes were filled with wires, limiting the size of dimmer control switches.
2. There were as many as 14, 65 watt recessed can lights on some loads.
3. There are combinations of dimmer loads and relay loads.
4. Over 100 total loads.
5. Three 200 amp breaker panels in different parts of the house.
6. Many existing electrical boxes needed multiple dimmers, exceeding the dimmer capacity of some of the existing electrical boxes.
7. Way too many light switches in some areas. In one location there were 8 light switches.

The electrical wiring is OK for a non-automated house, but changes are in store for the wiring as we automate.

As the saga unfolds, I will keep you informed.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Garage door control?
Irrigation control?
Is there a pool? Pool and Spa control? A return line from say the sprinkler that can be turned on to autofill the pool when low?
Pictures!?!?! Web sites?!?!? This is incredible! Don't tease us like this!

What do I have to do to get you to sponsor my house?

The house is too big on the lot, not enough room for a pool. It is on a golf course.
Garage door control is good, I will add that to the 5 garage doors.

We plan to post pictures and use it for a learning experience for everyone.

MrGibbage: :)
Spanky, would something like this help?

Mr. Gibbage must have the M1 all figured out as he's now into Photoshop. :ph34r:

Good job on the pic...

And Spanky, what about the Irrigation? Use your own favorite and make the M1 turn the sprinkler zone on to deter outside motion near the house...
I'm sure the neighbors would love to see that when they come home from work everyday.

I am sure they are fine until they see the ELK searchlight at night that electron sold him :ph34r:

I think that he should put shutters on that house with the ELK colors to really make it stand out....

What technology/protocol are they using for the pathway lighting? Is it low voltage? If so how are you interfacing with the transformers for control?

What technology/protocol are they using for the pathway lighting? Is it low voltage? If so how are you interfacing with the transformers for control?

The selection of the lighting is not complete, but it will be a hard wired system. The lighting loads demand a hefty system.
The ELK Showcase house is now at pre-sheetrock stage waiting on automation and security wiring. The biggest holdup has been deciding on which lighting system to use. The house is already wired for standard light switches. The owner is having trouble weighing out the pros and cons of the various lighting systems. Every lighting system definately has its advantages and disadvantages in a large house like this.

I will let you know which lighting system is chosen.