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Hey Guys,

I have read the documentation for the Elk M1 serial port protocol located here:


I would like to write a small application that interfaces to the serial port on the Elk and am wondering if anyone else has created anything like this. Idealy I would like Visual Basic source, but I'll take anything I can get.

The application that I am going to write will listen for input status changes, and respond appropriately based on which input changed. I would also like to implement output control. I'm just feeling kind of lazy about parsing the data that comes back and kind of hope someone else has done it already for me. I'm not really a "wheel reinventor".

- jason
Why dont you stoke up a "virtual windows machine" and load something like http://www.homeseer.com

There is a great plugin thats written by UltraJones.....

While the ELK is reasonably ok with its scheduling and tasks, Homeseer takes it to a much higher level !

Attached should be the MyElk port. I had to make the extension .txt because it will not allow .vb files to be uploaded. Maybe that's what happened to the other copy.


BTW, cocoontech admins - When I went to upload the file, it said I had 56.4k of my upload space used, but there were no attachments to manage. Maybe previous uploads are a bit wonky?


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