elk m1 telco seized stuck "on"


so i've got the rest of this figured out and the zones all work.. i transferred over from an ademco alarm, and all i had to do was swap out the resistors for the zones.. but i added the rj31x box that came with the system, and i'm pretty sure i've got it wired right.. using cat 5e wire,


which should be correct based on the wiring i've used 568A standard, and all my cat wires work fine..

which is
Pin 1 white green
Pin 2 green
Pin 3 white orange
Pin 4 blue
Pin 5 white blue
Pin 6 orange
Pin 7 white brown
Pin 8 brown

and even by eyeballing it.. i can tell the wires match up.. so it should be switching.. and i can hear a relay in the elk click 'on' when i pick up the phone.. but it doesn't 'release' the line.. i updated the bootloader and program to it when i first got it.. but i think it might be stuck trying to find the elk-RP via a phone line anyway... is there any way to get it to cancel out from doing that other than hooking up a line to my computer..? (i took out the modem from the computer a long time ago..) ...

though, there are still a couple of things that might be doing this too.. i have a leviton structured phone distribution panel, which, has a rj31x port built in.. which i have the line connected in to .. should i just rewire my main line to come through the rj31x instead of using this handy leviton one?

an another thing, i've got dsl.. i've read this could possibly trick an alarm into thinking there's no dial tone, since it keeps it from getting a clear signal, so i rigged the whole thing to go through a dsl filter, but the line still beeps and buzzes every now and then, which makes me think the elk is trying to wait to recieve a handshake from the elk-RP ....

in case i've confused you.. my setup looks like this..

leviton phone distro panel rj31x ---line goes to----> dsl filter ------> rj31x -----> elk m1

i've got an excelsus Alarm DSL Filter(Z-A431PJ31X) on the way, which is specifically made to handle the dsl problem, and will even keep the dsl connected when the alarm seizes the line .... but failing that.. is there any other reason than a mis-wiring which i'm pretty sure i don't have or elk waiting for the initiate from the elk-RP program that would keep it from letting go of the 'telco seize'?

p.p.s .......... i can pick up the phone and have dial tone hit *** and the elk will ask me to enter my code which i can do and all, but it doesn't release the line ever, which makes it go to the annoying "if you'd like to make a call please hang up and try again" message..

whew... any help anyone can give is much appreciated, .. i hope i covered everything.

If the M1 cannot detect line voltage with the telephone dialer turned on, the teleco seized light will come on which powers the inside telephones. Check the inside telephones for dial tone and it none, see if the touchtones work. No dial tone and touchtones work = wired wrong.

Measure the voltage on the house telephone terminals. It should be 48 volts DC or more with all the phones on hook. If it reads 12 volts, the M1 is power the house telephones due to mis wire. Measure the Outside telephone voltage. It should measure 48 volts DC or more.
If the telco wires are reverse polarity from normal, could this be the reason the M1 would seize the line? I have found that the telephone company gets the polarity right about half the time.
The M1 does NOT have telephone polarity. Either way works!

Trouble shooting: Bring the outside telephone line directly to the Tip and Ring terminals on the M1. Connect a telephone directly to R1 and T1 (inside telephones) The telephone seize line should go out and you should have dial tone. If so, start the rewire process!! ;)

Another check is LCD Keypad User Menu 8,6,4, Last On Hook Telephone Voltage. With all telephones on hook, this menu should show 40 to 70 volts. If not, there is a wiring problem.