Elk M1 Temperature Display on Keypads


Ive had the elk m1 for years but never had a temperature sensor.  I recently put one on a freezer and I can see the temperature if i use the keypads to go to the automation menu and select the sensor.  I made a rule from the default instructions to display the temperature on the keypad "Whenever every 30 seconds, then display "freezer temp" indefinitely) and I just cant get it to work.  To be honest Ive never tried to send messages to the keypads before so that is a first as well. 
Any idea on what I am doing wrong?
I have tried to "test" the rule and that does not do it either.
In the part of the rule definition where you select the text to send to the keypad, did you happen to check the "display text for" box and not enter a time value for how long to display it?  The value defaults to 0 seconds.  A stupid default value in my opinion.