Elk M1 Temperaure Prove help


Hi All.

I've connected a elk temperature probe and sensor to my system. It is in a remote location about 400' away from my panel. The remote site has a expander module and a aux power supply.

I noted in the temp probe instructions that it can ONLY be connected to z1-16 on the MAIN board.

I had one extra wire going back through my underground conduit to the panel so I used that and connected it to z10.

I am encountering issues when attempting to connect it to my aux power supply. The aux power supply seems to refuse it when connected (sounds like resettable breaker trips) and the power supply goes into error mode.

My next test will be to attempt to rule out a inline short by connecting it right at my expansion panel to the power supply (still on main z10).

Other possible causes:
Requires main panel VAUX +\-?

Any advice?



Requires common ground with main panel.
Can connect it to data bus positive negative

Problem was a short somewhere in the black red wires from my sub panel to the sensor.