Elk M1 Training Video On-Line!


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Just letting everyone know I now have the Elk M1 Training Video on-line @ http://www.kanak.com/m1training.asp

This video covers Unpacking and general overview. It also covers programming the M1 from a keypad.

There is a limit of no more then 2 videos can be played at once. I am also going to be watching the bandwidth use and if it starts costing me to host I will have to limit it to one or look into other options. I have also received the Elk RP Training video and will start working on that soon too.
Great Job!!

FYI: I had to turn on TLS 1.0 in my browser setup to make it play. Whatever that is!! Also need the latest Windows Media Player.
We I got in a hurry with the RP Training and did not look at the end results untill I finished and they look like crap so it is time to start over with them.
Let me know if you have bandwidth issues. I'm going to be looking for a new hosting provider as $15 per month for 45GB suddenly seems real low, and i'll probably go with one of the suggestions I got here. If I go with your provider, that's another 300GB. I've only been hitting 5-10GB/month on the site now [sans videos], so i've got plenty of excess capacity.
I would hold a bit putting it on your site. I have just throttled the availible bandwidth to the player sessions because I started getting a constent 2 MB use on my server from just two connections so I had to limit each session to 288kbps. Depending on how that goes I may knock it down to one session only. Another option is to bring the frame rate down on the movies so they take less bandwidth. I have alot of it but I also pay alot for it. Atleast the RP will not be as bad. They are alot smaller files.