Elk M1 + W800RF


Which elk firmware version suports hooking the W800rf up to the serial interface? Also, can you paste a snippit of code that shows the W800RF working with the remote controls?

For all you W800 fans, Cinemar has just released a W800 plugin:
I have it working with my ELK M1 now triggering all kinds of things!

Here's the ELK "chain":
Palm Remote > RF > W800 > Serial port > MLServer W800 Plugin > MLServer ELK Plugin > Serial port > Elk Panel
Works almost instantly!

Of course it also works like this:
Palm Remote > RF > W800 > Serial port > MLServer W800 Plugin > All other MainLobby commands or plugins (like MLHSPlugin to control Homeseer).

So, you can see that this dramaticly adds wireless remote control over tons of stuff:

Launch a movie
Mute / unMute the audio
change channels on the TV
Cheapy security system (not to be confused with the ELK!)
Change MainLobby scene (view caller ID info on the big screen?)
Enable macro commands for mood lighting
Manually turn on your sprinkler zone for winterizing (a bit late for most of us) via a Rain8Net or ELK relay control
Next Song override
Zone control of audio system
Of course turn on / off a light(s)
Or, every button on the remote does something different (all of the above?)!
geeees, list goes on and on...

Piece o Cake to setup too.
If anyone needs help - give a holler.
Hi David;

Maybe you explained this in your above post, but I've might have missed it, but what would be the advantage over having this W800 ML Server plugin over having the Elk ML Server plugin and the W800 directly tied to the Elk via the Elk's serial interface (of course assuming one already has the Elk M1)?

Couldn't you still control ML Server commands via Palm Pad - W800 - Elk - MLServer - Main Lobby?
I haven't used the ELK <> w800 integration (yet). I assume you would have to write an event in the ELK for each command you wanted to send. Same thing for the MLServer plugin, but I believe there is a larger command set to choose from. You could have the ELK tell MLServer ELK plugin "A1 turned On" and then the ELK plugin send a command that does the actual "work". With the MLServer W800 plugin, you just program that plugin "what to do". One less configuration step to maintain.

Of course the MLServer W800 plugin doesn't require an ELK panel. So for the HAI or Napco or no security or "W800 X10 motion security" folks can be wireless enabled too.

The advantage that I sense over the ELK W800 implementation is that a PC doesn't have to be running for the ELK to respond to the W800 commands. I generally recommend "critical" functions to be programmed in the ELK and non critical (media management, general lights on / off, any user interface work) be done in PC software (like MLServer or Homeseer).

Without using the ELK W800 implementation I can't comment on flexibility, but I see unlimited flexibility with the MLServer W800.

Does the ELK W800 require another serial Xpander? Can it support multiple usages like RCS thermostats (like what my Xpander is connected to) AND the W800 at once? Or, would I have to get another Xpander?
the M1XSP can only support 1 serial device at a time. I can do anything with the W800RF that you can do with Homeseer & the W800RF