Elk-M1 with HAI lighting?


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Does anyone use an Elk-M1 with HAI lighting? I used HAI switches over the weekand at a friend's house and really like the look and feel of them. I know they are UPB compatible, but wanted to make sure there would be no glitches. Also, will the HAI PIM work on the Elk-M1?

I cannot speak from experience, but based upon everything I have heard the UPB stuff is all interchangeable and it should work fine.
Yes Stacy, they will work just fine. I evaluated them but decided on Simply Automated instead. It's all UPB so you can interchange any brands you wish, like using SAI CIM with HAI switches, etc. If you get the HAI CIM I think you need to order the cable separately, so don't forget that.

One nice feature of the SAI switches are the interchangeable faceplates. And the LED is a little larger and its a softer and quieter paddle.

Not trying to change your mind, just highlight some differences if you did not know. If you liked the HAI stuff, go for it, it will work fine with the M1.
Yes, I have both SA and HAI switches installed both in my house and the office - a Elk in each location.

There are no issues since they both are UPB switches.