Elk M1 with Uplink AnyNet Module


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I'd like to share some information for anyone interested in using Elk M1 via Serial Expander to Uplink AnyNet Module to NextAlarm.

I recently installed and activate the Uplink AnyNet and it works great with NextAlarm. NextAlarm received full Contact ID information just like you did not lose your landline phone at all.

My setup is using regular telephone line as primary and Uplink as backup.
I have similarly set up a Telular cellular backup with the M1 and NextAlarm. No serial expander needed and it sends full Contact ID to NextAlarm. I would be happy to share any information also.
How does the telular hook up to the M1?

I'm interested in a landline backup sol'n, but don't want to get a serial expander just for that purpose.
IVB said:
How does the telular hook up to the M1?
The output of the RJ31 goes to one of the Telular RJ45 jacks. The other Telular RJ45 jack goes to the M1. You can set the Telular as either the primary, great if you don't even have a telephone line, or as a backup to your primary telephone line. If you lose the telephone line the Telular takes over and your ELK doesn't even show a phone fault. Telular works differently from other cellular backups. Telular seamlessly takes over for the inoperable telephone line and dials your CS sending full Contact ID if there is an alarm. If there is no alarm you can just have Telular send a signal that the telephone line is down or do nothing and wait for the telephone line to come back up. The CS doesn't know that the signal is coming from a cell phone backup rather than a hard line because Telular dials the CS's 800 number. Make any sense?

Thanks for your information from the PM you sent me. I decided to go with the Uplink AnyNet because I was able to get it brand new for $50.00 and spend another $50.00 for Serial Expander module. I look into the TG-7 and TG-4 and they are $250-$350. Obviously, the TGs are more versatile unit.
Thanks much for sharing your experiences with this.

Now I've run into some threads beyond my understanding about certain types of "wireless backups" running into a deadline beyond which their signal type may stop being carried by whatever entities do the carrying. Do the aforementioned devices have this concern?

Also, any vendors you'd like to recommend?
The Telular units I mentioned are full digital units and will not be shut off in January 2008. They are the latest and greatest. I'll let tuantu speak about the Uplink transmitter. Besides the vendors that have a presence here I use Burtek (formerly Richardson Electronics) and ADI. On the Telular units their pricing was within a few dollars of each other. When it's that close I usually go with Burtek.
Either Telguard TG-7/4 or Uplink AnyNet is fine.

Long story short is to make sure get the digital unit because the analog will be phased out.
Wow. I'm very interested in doing this.

I'm seeing the Uplink on ebay for around $150. I'm just a diy'er so this might be my best option.

One question, Is there a subscription fee of some sort? Or does a company like nextAlarm handle all that?

Make sure that you buy the DIGITAL unit otherwise, it is a waste of money. Uplink only has one model that is digital (UpLink AnyNet) and RFDESQ can tell you more but I'm quite sure at least Telguard TG4 or 7.

If I'm correct what you're seeing on Ebay is the Uplink Digicell 1500 or 1560 which are analog and they are phasing it out. To me it is way overprice for units that will be discontinued. If you have M1 panel then you still can use the 1500 or 1560, however, you will NOT get FULL ContactID because I don't think it has a serial port to interface with Elk. The AnyNet module interface with M1 Serial Expander can get full ContactID.

There is an additional fee of $7.00 per month for cellular via NextAlarm. I got directly from Uplink for $6.45 per month. Very small difference but I just want to share this information.