elk m1 with x10 psc05



I just started installing my new ELK-M1EZ8 system today, and I'm having trouble getting X10 to work with it. I am using my X10 PSC05 module, which was previously in use with my Ocelot so I know it works, and I have tried connecting it directly to the panel, as well as to the serial port interface ELK-M1EZ8MSI. When I tell the keypad to send a lighting command, the lights don't even flash on the PSC05 module, so it is almost like it isn't even sending the command.

I looked through the instructions, but I don't see where I am missing some kind of activation step for the x10.

Also, does anyone have experience with locating the MSI module 30' from the panel? It is working fine, but when I read the instructions for hooking up the ethernet module (which I'll receive on monday), it says it is suppose to be 10' or less. Any thoughts on that?

I had the exact same problem, trying to use my Ocelot's PSC05 with the EZ8, and no go. It looks like the Ocelot uses a different pinout than the EZ8. Once I started using a regular phone cable with the EZ8, I no longer had any problems.
There are two types of 4 conductor RJ11/12 cables. One is crossed connections from one end to the other and the other style is not. I have had problems with the TW523/PSC05 depending on the pinouts of the devices. Some need the crossed some need the streight through. This maybe you problem.
The telephone cord is most likely your problem. Check the manual for the exact configuration on the telephone cord. From past experience, I recall it is backwards from the Ocelot.

Make sure you have set up your lights for standard appliance or standard dimmer if they are X10.

Distance will probably work OK. You will just have to try it and see how it works. That part of the circuit has basic lightning protection, so running a long distance increases the chance of lightning problems. This time of the year should not have lightning.
I just tried modifying a phone cable I have laying around here. I had to crimp a cat 5 jack on the other end to make it straigh through like the wiring diagram in the elk manual. I placed the 4 wires in pins 3456 of the cat 5 jack.

Any other ideas? Thanks!