ELK M1 won't talk to me!

Just installed 4 new ELK-6021 Wireless Mini Window Sensors into my wireless group and changed the voice commands to say "window open" when the contact is broken but all I can get it to do is chime. I have 10 other ELK-6021's set up this way and they all speak the voice command. I've set the new ones up the same way as the old but no luck on getting the ELK-M1 to speak on the new ones.
Any suggestions?


Senior Member
Well that send and say working rules out a lot of stuff.  Are you sure you don't just have the wrong chime setting on?  Hit the chime button on the keypad until it announces voice.
Bingo wuench! That was the problem. Key pad was set to chime only and not voice and chime. Must have been changed by accident by the kids. Thanks for the help everyone!