ELK M1EZ8 main serial interface


Sorry for the two posts right in a row!

I noticed that the main serial interface for the M1EZ8 panel, the M1EZ8MSI accessory, has a short RJ45 (cat5) cord between the interface and the panel.

Our current security panel is located a few rooms away from the computer that I'd like to hook it up to. One option is to get a long serial cable. However, I'm wondering if there's any reason I couldn't just use a 30 or 40 foot Ethernet cable, so the M1EZ8MSI interface is in the room with the computer, and the cable runs through the crawl space to the room where the M1EZ8 panel would be.


- MIke.
The link to the Serial Port interface on the EZ8 is short because of the limited protection on the drivers on the control. It is designed to only run to the serial port interface inside the box.

It is far better to run the RS-232 cable the extra length of wire.

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