Elk M1G and Honeywell 5800Combo


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I have an Elk M1G that seems to be working well for me, but now I want to add smoke detectors and CO monitors to the system. My house is only 2 years old and almost all sensors are hardwired, except for a couple of Honeywell 5853s paired to the M1XRF2H+ (along with a couple of keyfobs).
Being a newer house, it has the required hardwired smokes in each bedroom and a combo unit on each floor (supplemented with a stand-alone CO detector in the kid's bedroom), but I wanted to add the 5800Combos to the bedrooms so that each bedroom has a monitored smoke and CO detector. The instruction manual on Elk's website doesn't show how to enroll that specific unit, but I was hoping someone had successfully used it with the Elk before I ordered the units. I looked at hard-wiring smokes (left zone 16 open just in case I went with 2 wires), but there is not much access in the attic for me to wire everything up in an orderly fashion.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
Thanks Mike,
Unfortunately, neither JMAC nor Honeywell's website have documentation online for installation and enrollment.  Neither did smarthome (another resource I frequently use for manuals).  The M1XRF2H+ instruction sheet does not have the 5800COMBO listed.  I have enrolled a couple of 5853's and 5834-4's (these were especially a pain), so I /didn't want to tread into unknown territory on this device.  Your posts did give me an idea though, so I google searched for the installation manual and found it at alarm grid's website.  It appears that the CO and smoke have their own separate zone (brochure also stated it was a rate of rise detector, but installation does not mention a separate zone for that), so I think it may be possible to enroll this with the Elk using Enroll method 4 for each zone (not sure where the tamper switch will fall in).  I may just order one for now to verify that it will work before ordering the rest.
Understand that you don't enroll the wireless detectors, only the M1XRF2H is enrolled in the Elk system. There isa TX ID for each device that needs to be set for each wireless detector in the zone settings.
I don't know if this is helpfull but I looked at my zone settings for the Honeywell heat detector
Definition = 10-Fire Alarm
Type = 5-Fire/4-wire Smoke/RF
and in wireless setup under "supervised it is set to "3 = Fire Supervision" and there is a unique TX ID for each detector.