Elk M1G ethernet trouble


Im getting these ethernet issues sporadically, sometimes multiple times per week.  Power cycling the ethernet module doesnt help - I have to power cycle the M1G itself each time.  When this happens I can ping the Elk's ethernet/IP address with my PC but cannot use ElkRP as it gets past the "connecting" stage but then during the "verifying" stage it says "system returned invalid information".  Also when this happens, I can no longer use myKeypad either, so its not my PC with the issue.  Since I can ping the Elk its not my router.
Thanks for any insight - my log is posted at http://pastebin.com/download.php?i=eBGK8SfL


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This may seem simple, but I'd be sure to check all the cabling really well - particularly the serial cable between the M1G and the XEP.
I have a single site that does similar. Firmware is all up to snuff, so the only item in the equation is the network switch, since I've been assigned a static ip via reservation on DHCP on the switch.
A reboot of the XEP seems to fix mine, but I can only point to the network hardware in my case. I put the XEP's power through a relay and put a rule for an automatic reset. Not an elegant fix, but I've had to do far worse with more expensive hardware.


We had the exactly same problem as Opticalc describes: "Can ping the Elk's IP address with my PC but cannot use ElkRP - it gets past the "connecting" stage, but then during the "verifying" stage it says "system returned invalid information"".  
For us it seemed to narrow down to a bad serial ribbon cable (supplied by Elk). When one of our staff drove back to the office and got a quality serial cable, the problem went away. I know a fair amount designing about serial drivers - how a bad cable can cause this much trouble is a mystery to me, but with a new cable, the problem seems to have resolved itself. Elk makes great products, but the M1XEP doesn't seem to be one of their best. Pity...
Bottom line - before you give up, try a different serial cable.